How to forward internal hostname to internal device?

Is it possible to port forward an internal hostname to an internal lan connection?
I'm running an html based manga reader on my computer.
I want to have a host name dedicated to this manga reader.
The manga reader serves off of port 8080.
I will only ever be using this manga reader while connected to the router, so I don't need to port forward on an external ip.
But I would also prefer to not have to type out the full 4 digit port number along with it.
But would my laptop already having a hostname (via static ip lease) for general use intefere with the internal lan connection?

can the manga reader just save the address with the 8080 port included? It's strange if it does not save a full address and every time you need to write manually

I have a bunch of services on different ports and when I save them as "favourites" in Firefox/Chrome the ports are also saved with the hostname/address.

for example this is one of my service webpage interface, and you see it has the port 8384 in there

I mean this isn't an OpenWrt thing, but why adding rules to firewall when you can just save an address.

you're right.
also it'd be the devices I'm connecting with that would need to save the address+port.
Port 8080 is what the manga reader listens for connections on.

ah ok so the manga reader is the server and you connect with a web browser or something.

exactly, it's the server.

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