How to force Lan IPv6 clients to use Pihole's IPv6 eth0 IP address

How do I tell my IPV6 Lan clients to use Pihole for DNS?
I setup
Network-->Interfaces-->Lan-->DHCP Server-->IPv^ Settings-->Announced DNS Server
where I added my PiHole's IpV address of eth0.
Is this the right way to do it?
Only thing is I don't see the eth0 IPv6 address in the network adapter settings of my PC. It only show DNS Ip of IPv4 address.


Run cat /etc/resolv.conf ; resolvectl status in linux or ipconfig /all in windows.

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"resolvectl status" command shows it.
Only thing why does it not show here like the IPv4 DNS?

No idea, but if it is of any comfort it doesn't show up in mine too.

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