How to force Build/Compile package section to run

Hello -

In my package Makefile, from the Build/Compile section, I call a few custom command line tools and then make to build a GCC-native makefile. My package doesn't use a custom source directory or download sources from a repository. The build results (object code, etc...) are located outside the OpenWrt build. I do understand these features are available, but for now I am trying to embed an external build into my package.

Everything works as expected when I do a clean compile:

make package/mypackage/{clean,compile}

That is the Build/Compile section gets invoked in my Makefile. But when I omit the "clean" from the OpenWrt make command, my Build/Compile section does not get invoked:

make package/mypackage/compile

Is there a way to configure my package Makefile, perhaps by adding rules in another section, to force the Build/Compile section to get invoked when only specifying the compile option?


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