How to flash from lede to stock firmware?

Yes, rename it to tp_recovery.bin and use the tftp method to install it.


ok will do thank you

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it popped again , indian rom = bootloop, en rom = bootloop , openwrt= works, help?

Wonder if OpenWrt has changed any device layout that is causing the grief.

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i have read that openwrt does not modify the boot partitions

also, i am poor i have no money or job for a router... what can i do?

how long have you waited before declaring it bootlooped? If you leave it for say 20 minutes, does it change anything?

i waited 5 failed flashes, i assume after download from tftp and write and reboot it should boot normally as happened in openwrt firmware, what could i do? if i see that bootloop i assume waiting 20 minutes with it would be a failture of proccedure, what can i do? help please.... im literally puzzled cause its happening that should have been not happening,i mean even one of the guides says to flash directly from lucy as normal and its done back to stock but as said before, none of those are working what could i do?

Sometimes flashing firmware can take many minutes, and it may reboot a bunch of times along the way. While I don't necessarily think that is an issue in your case, it is worth waiting 10 minutes or more to see if the situation changes at all.

Meanwhile, can you show us a picture of the info sticker on your device?

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i will wait 10 minutes but i assume it is bricked

flashed UK version and still failing, so, IN( INDIA ) failing EN ( usa) not EU failing, shall i try the rest of EU countries i find? update usa (EU) not working too

Probably time to get a usbto ttl-serial adapter connected and see what you can do with the bootloader.


yikes :pensive:.... thank you

is thqt the only solution? or did i found a bug? how can i solve it?

Well, a usb to serial adapter will allow you to see what the router is doing and gain some insight... you might even be able change something in the bootloader or the firmware loading process. Otherwise, it's just a black box.

And if there is a bug, it's on TP-Link's side (bootloader/tftp and vendor firmware compatibility). We know that OpenWrt loads properly via tftp, so it's not a bug with OpenWrt.

Delete first 512 byte of stock firmware to prepare correct tp_recovery.bin.
Something like:
dd if=TL-MR3420v5_1.6.0_0.9.1_up_boot(210820)_2021-08-20_09.40.49 of=tp_recovery.bin bs=512 skip=1


It's also possible to "cut" the stock firmware to make it installable through OpenWrt as a forced sysupgrade. That usually meant removing the 512 byte header and the 128kB bootloader image.

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this command would be on cmd or where? and also the flashing would be via luci or via tftp?

You would run this command on a linux system. Then flash the router via tftp with the resulting file.