How to flash FritzBox 3370?

Hi, i want to try out LEDE on my old Fritzbox 3370, but i cant find a reliable source how to exactly doing it. So far i understand, i need to modify uboot.

Second question: Does the modem run under LEDE? I was not able to find any information either, beside that it should work under linux.

Thank in advance and greetings.

See the OpenWRT installation instructions for the 3370...

Method 1-2 are not working here. I need more specific Informations.

In the meantime, i will try to find out the real tftp address and wich file the box is requesting. But like i said, i think i need to modify uboot.

Did you find anything about installing LEDE?
I am waiting for a 3370 in the next days and after reviewing the stock OS I would like to try LEDE.
Here there is a sysupgrade.bin. Have you flashed it through the FRITZ!OS interface?
If you managed to flash LEDE, is everything working?

Sadly no, flashing with web gui do not work. The box neither accepted the image per recovery. So far i know, you need first to modify the bootloader (uboot). Sadly i didnt find any specific information for the 3370. Only found similar stuff for older dsl only Fritzbox models.

Its sad, its a powerful device that i would really like to revive to simplify my Network.

Personally I cannot modify any bootloater my self, without instructions. I hope F!B3370 is LEDE technically capable (a lot of space for software, web server, TFTP server, torrent with HDD, even a bookmark server) but I can't say if it is.
I would donate to the LEDE project if I knew how and if I had the impression that the developers need it, for general reasons and also to see a firmware for a hardware I am interest. Of course donating money sometimes points a project to a wrong direction, but I don't think this is a possibility for the LEDE project.
I think there are not enough people to write code for all the hardware that could run LEDE, but F!B3370 was in the Table of Hardware and I thought that easy or not LEDE could run in it.

Most important is the device having a powerful cpu. Good for vdsl2 and sqm. Since images are already generated and the hardware is well supported by linux, it should work like charm.

Happy new year :slight_smile:

Take a look here

And IMHO this thread is a double post because the linked thread (^^) is ~4 months older an has the same topic.
-> close/lock it maybe?

This thread did not made us wiser, I wouldn't mind if it was closed/locked/deleted. But I cannot also use the threads you suggest because I am naive and I could only use Α-Ζ and accurate instructions.
I will continue watching the thread you suggested, thanks.