How to fix auto network identification

Hey gays,

I isntalled Openwrt on my Router (fritzbox 4020) and set it up.
After a few days I lost the auto network identification for WIFI.
Now i need to tip it Manuel in before i connect to the router, this happen the secound time and is a bit annoying if i want to connect to an oder Network over WIFI.

may someone knows what do do.
Thank for this Forum and the People which are very helpful

Could you explain a bit what is that and how it works? I am not sure I understand what is the problem.


I am sorry, was not sure how to write it right.

to explain it:

I install Openwrt...

I connect to the Wifi, tip the password in and is connate get automatically IP adresse ,subnetmask,DNS server....

Set up Pi-hole as DNS server

I tryed i install OpenVPN via

and pointed to the openDNS Server in dnsmasq.conf file

I think after follow the steps on ""
i needed to tip in manually IP adresse Subnetmask and DNS server ( Pihole) but am not sure......

I do it on on all my device , (Android Windows Linux).

Are you saying that your OpenVPN config isn't working?


...and this...

... are not compatible with each other.
If you want to have the Pihole to block ads, you need to either:

  1. Advertise Pihole as Nameserver to the hosts of your LAN (better insight from Pihole dashboard, who asked what)
  2. Let dnsmasq be the default Namserver for your hosts and configure dnsmasq to forward all requests to Pihole.

Ne, it is working with Terminal 'openvpn /etc/openvpn/server.ovpn'

i mean this 03-04-_2019_19-21-35

it will not do this be it self......
at the beginning it was working without set it up (IP adress and the mask DNS.....)

After i set it up everthing works fine, with Windows Linux and Android.
the Pihole as well and filter.

okay, i tried it without OpenDNS, remove

and it works automatically, without set IP up....

but now i am runing over the Local DNS-server and when i have done it like bevor is look like this

without openDNS run with pihole

so , i can't run two of the DNS servers.
But is there are way that me network is filer over Pihole and that i run over opendns server out of me network?

Can you attempt to explain the issue your native language?

It is quite hard to understand what the problem that you have is.
You are mixing here OpenDNS, Pihole, some VPN leak site and I haven't seen any Openwrt in the network.
So please take your time and explain thoroughly how your network is set up including OpenWrt, what do you want to achieve, what do you experience with the current setup.

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