How to figure out why router lost internet access

Hi, I've recently started to use a GL.iNet Flint2 (GL-MT6000) and installed Openwrt 23.05.3. It's been working fine.

Though waking up this morning, while I could connect to router (both on devices & Luci interface), there was no internet access. I had to reboot the router and that restored the internet connection.

FYI: I'm running Adguard, which remained accessible via web interface when I checked while there was no internet connection.

Is it possible to figure out why the problem occurred? to prevent it happening again. (My original ISP supplied router ran solid without any problems, and my family aren't happy with random disconnections!).

Please let me know what further info is required to help me.

EDIT: Additionally, if there's a method for periodically checking for internet loss and automatically rebooting router (assuming this is a viable option).


Hi @nomad101
without cli .. very hard

first step is to conect with ssh

ip r
ip -6 r

look for default route and ping gateway

if gateway is responding, then probably your DNS server having problems

I'm understanding that these commands are only useful to use at the time of the loss of internet access?

And it's difficult to diagnose the problem after I've rebooted and internet connection restored.


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