How to fake a WAN connection for testing purposes

I have an OW router currently up and running (connect to cable modem and other devices in the house). I do not want to break this down yet. I am tinkering around with a RPi4 running OW on it. Is there any way I can "fake" the WAN interface on the RPi4 with a connection from the live network? I don't want to directly connect the cable modem to the RPi4 yet as this disturbs other users on my network.

I usually just connect my test router WAN connection to my normal network so it becomes like a double NAT. But the DHCP server in my operational network plays the role of ISP just fine for my test router.

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Just remember that you must have different interface IP addresses on the routers. If you have for example on both routers then the connection will fail big time.

You need for example on one router and on the other.

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