How to execute javascript through terminal

Hi to all i need a script that can help me to
-open a website
-submit password
-when it log in do other.
javscript: function();
Actually I can do that through computer's browser (as chrome/firefox) with this example command
javascript:document.getElementById("password").value = "password";auth();
Is there a way to do it through openwrt? I know that i can't run javascript but there is a different way to do the same operations?

I know what you want, but apparently you have no idea how program works.

to answer you question, python will be the first choice to do such thing. lua or nodejs with some external libs will do too, but not as easy as python.

Why you say that i don't know how it work? Everybody actually says that it's possible but nobody say how! I don't think it's a big question! I need only to open website, submit password, click an icon!

if you have no idea what a script engine is (like nodejs), it's a rocket science to explain the "how" to you ....

I don't need to execute it through javascript... i need to do that through best simple way! I say javascript because it is the simple way that i found on computer! If i can do that through python I'll do it through python but i know python only a little bit! Because i think that my question isn't crazy, do you know how i can solve??

there are a lot of samples, most of them uses the requests library from python.

you need to find out what login data was posted to the website, then put the data in a post request as link above. all modern browsers support debug mode by pressing F12, you can find all the data that was posted to web in the network tab.

Later I get to work. I already know that I will not succeed
What packages do I need to install? Only this is right?

Python isn't a best way! Perl is more efficenty for do i'm trying