How to ensure configuration is correct?

Once we install new firmware or upgrade to new version. Is there any predefine test case or check list script to ensure router configure correctly?

For example

Test case 1 :- After installation/upgradation date time sync correctly as NTP setting is set and router sync through internet to NTP server.

Test case 2 :- Desktop/Laptop receiving IP address from router, DHCP is working fine.

Test case 3 :- From router ping working means WAN is working. etc


There really isn't a set of test cases or a script that can be recommended... because every network is different. However, your test cases seem fine.

In most cases, the real question is simple -- do the devices behind the router get the expected network connectivity. But obviously since every network is different, maybe there are VPNs to be tested, maybe print servers, file servers, etc... so it all depends on your needs.

Yes that's right everyone have different network design. But can't we define two post-test which work in two scenario.

a) First time installation :- Basic configuration Post-Configuration Test Case which check and test basic setup.

b) Upgrade version :- This first make Post-Configuration Test Case based on pre-exit configuration. So in case we upgrade to new version, by running Post-Configuration Test Case script we ensure nothing is broken!! [ Yesterday, just upgrade to new firmware/adguard version and since I am not able figure out what wrong in this process as things not working as smooth as it was earlier version. ]


The challenge is to define a set of tests that is universal. That is essentially impossible. But you can design tests that work for your environment and use case. You can script them, or you can just make a note of the important functional tests that you need to do to ensure your network is functioning. If you can come up with a truly universal list of tests that every user would want to use and would benefit from, feel free to suggest them.

Yes, so it will benefit all if we share our inputs [What and How we ensure configuration is unbroken post first time installation / upgradation].

Just for initial stage we compile one post-test case conditions (Based on all users collective inputs) and later convert into post-configuration script.

Later on we can extend this to advance version [based on again users collective inputs].

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