How to enable Wifi on GL-iNet AR750s using LuCi?


I just installed the following release on a GL-iNet AR750s:

Everything works fine but I have no Wifi and I don't know how to enable it? It says Device is not active for radio0 and Wireless is not associated for the network I've setup even though I have enabled it.

I can't seem to find any options on how to enable wifi.

Please help.

Can you clarify this, please???

  • What about the default network settings?
  • What happened when you simply enabled the WiFi on default configs?

As you can see SSID 75 is enabled, but the device Generic 802.11bg is not active so there is no Wifi. The device is connected to the Internet via cable, so I just need it to act as an Access point i.e. spread signal.

Somehow it's ended up with three radios. This could happen due to changing from ar71xx to ath79 or the other way and trying to save settings. Do a "reset to default settings" or (less drastic) use the CLI to rm /etc/config/wireless then re-configure.

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