How to enable UTF-8 in my build?


Built a package from trunk using the default configuration for my Archer C7 and flashed it. I am in it using ssh, but there seems to be no default GUI.

Now I wonder, how can I enable UTF-8 in busybox? I want to, for example, run IRC using Scandinavian characters (äöå).

Also, how do I configure it to include the GUI into the image?

Also, I'd like to know later how to build my own packages of StrongSwan and OpenFlow. Is there any discussion anywhere of these, or any instructions?

Is there a FAQ about these, or could it help to found one and update it as questions appear?

Edit: Would

[*] Compile with full language support

do the trick with UTF-8?

Edit: No. I think I need to also select

[*] Support Unicode

from Busybox Library Tuning --->.

Edit: With these changes, UTF-8 confirmed working.