How to enable uhttpd logging

Simple question, how to enable uhttpd logging?

Create a password by command line: passwd and you have enabled uhttpd logging. Otherwise be more specific.

I need verbose logging in stdout from uhttpd. I have set a password, and can see logs from uhttpd when it, say, fails to load a file, but I'm having a runtime error on the edit wifi interface page and just want to see everything that uhttpd is doing

I have added option log=true to uhttpd.main and edited /etc/init.d/uhttpd to try to get it to take that parameter, but haven't been able to get it to load successfully

added this to uci

added this to the init file

append_arg "$cfg" log "-log" true  

There is no "log" parameter for uhttpd. By default, uhttpd will relay all CGI stderr output to syslog.

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