How to enable mesh in driver

Hi I am using an 8devices Komikan, which uses a Realtek driver which can be found here:

I originally tried to create a WiFi mesh system using batman, however I later found it does not support mesh:

root@Komikan:/# iw list | grep "Supported interface" -A 4
Supported interface modes:
* managed
* AP
* monitor
Supported interface modes:
* managed
* AP
* monitor

I spoke to someone at 8devices and he said that they just provide the driver as is, and do not make any modifications to it. However it seems it is possible looking at the source code, if I run grep on the driver for "mesh" I get a lot of matches:

alfie@alfie-ubuntu:~/Development/Mesh/komikan$ grep -i mesh_ package/kernel/rtl8192cd/*
package/kernel/rtl8192cd/8192cd_cfg80211.c:		.set_mesh_params = realtek_cfg80211_set_mesh_params,
package/kernel/rtl8192cd/8192cd_cfg80211.c:		.get_mesh_params = realtek_cfg80211_get_mesh_params,
package/kernel/rtl8192cd/8192cd_cfg80211.c: * @WIPHY_FLAG_MESH_AUTH: The device supports mesh authentication by routing
package/kernel/rtl8192cd/8192cd_cfg80211.c: *	auth frames to userspace. See @NL80211_MESH_SETUP_USERSPACE_AUTH.
package/kernel/rtl8192cd/8192cd_cfg.h:#if defined(CONFIG_RTL_MESH_SUPPORT)
package/kernel/rtl8192cd/8192cd_cfg.h:#include "./mesh_ext/mesh_cfg.h"
package/kernel/rtl8192cd/8192cd_cfg.h:#define RTL_MESH_TXCACHE
package/kernel/rtl8192cd/wifi.h:#define _MESH_PERR_IE_	               132

I have tried changing line 69 of package/kernel/rtl8192cd/





After, I successfully compiled OpenWrt but this did not seem to have an effect on the image.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can enable mesh on the Komikan board? Or if this even looks possible.