How to enable ipv6 privacy extensions?

System version: 18.06.03

Network card configuration information:

config interface 'lan'
  option type 'bridge'
  option ifname 'eth0.1'
  option proto 'static'
  option ip6ifaceid '::CB0:A0'

Currently, the IPv6-PD + fixed suffix method is used to configure the IPv6 address of the router's LAN interface through the above configuration. However, this interface has only one IPv6 public network address. Can OpenWRT enable the ipv6 privacy extensions mode like other Linux or Windows systems, so that the router LAN interface is configured with a temporary IPv6 address with a random suffix, and this is used when the router LAN interface is accessed externally. Temporary suffix address.

目前通过上述配置实现了 IPv6-PD + 固定后缀的方式配置路由器LAN接口的IPv6地址。但是这个接口只有一个IPv6公网地址,OpenWRT能不能像其他Linux或者是Windows系统一样开启 ipv6 privacy extensions 模式,让路由器LAN接口再配置一个随机后缀的临时IPv6地址,路由器LAN接口对外访问的时候使用这个临时后缀地址。

I didn't find any useful information! The problem on my side is: IPv6-PD + random (temporary address) and IPv6-PD + eui64 two addresses exist on the router's LAN interface at the same time, not one of the two or other machines on the LAN need to enable the IPv6 privacy extension .

我没有找到任何有用的信息!我这边的问题是: IPv6-PD + random (临时地址) 和 IPv6-PD + eui64 两个地址在路由器的LAN接口上同时存在,并不是二选一 也不是局域网的其他机器需要开启IPv6隐私扩展。


Well I used that to enable IPv6 privacy on my router.

Sorry it doesnt help you.

The page you provided has so much information that it's hard for me to get to the point.



Is it modified like this?

No, this:




Oh, it's just modifying how the suffix is generated, which is really not what I need, thanks!

No - thats how to enable it.

You asked "how to enable IPv6 privacy extensions " - that's how it's enbaled.