How to enable hyperthreading on MediaTek MT7621AT?

Running openwrt18.06.2 on mt7621at,when I cat /proc/cpuinfo,I can see two cpus information,not four,and the two CPUs have the same core ID,so I think there's another cpu that's not in use,what should I do?

The CPU you shown is MT7621ST, it has only 1C/2T. You can tell by the "core" and "VPE" value.

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Thanks a lot!But the text on the chip is mt7621at,do I need to configure anything else?

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Maybe you are using uboot for MT7621ST on MT7621AT?

My wild guess is that if RALINK_DUAL_CORE_FUN is not set, the CPU will be treated as MT7621ST.
If RALINK_DUAL_CORE_FUN=y, the CPU will be treated as MT7621AT.

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Thanks!where is the macro definition named RALINK_DUAL_CORE_FUN? In the uboot or linux kernel ?if the uboot do not open it,can I open it in the kernel ?

That would be a u-boot compile option. The best and perhaps only way to fix this is to recompile u-boot to enable the second core before OpenWrt boots. I don't think OpenWrt kernels support dynamic starting and stopping of additional CPU cores as is sometimes done on large servers.

Does the manufacturer of the board make the u-boot source code available?

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From @yangwu's screenshot, the device is a "D5000-A01", but I am unable to find a device with that model. Maybe it is a development board, a prototype, or an unknown device.

This repo appears to be the U-Boot source code for MT7621, but you probably need to prepare the corresponding dtb and adjust the correct config options for your device.

Thanks for every one’s professional advice,It's a problem of uboot

Glad to hear that. You can mark this topic as [Solved]:

Just for info, CPU info on my Asus RT-AX53U (cheap and easy to get):