How to enable h264parse plugin on openwrt gst1-plugins-bad package?

I want to add gstreamer h264parse module as it is not included in openwrt's gst1-plugins-bad package currently. I see it is part of videoparsersbad plugin. So added the following line in Makefile:
$(eval $(call GstBuildPlugin,videoparsersbad,videoparsersbad support,,,))
But that too results in errors.

It is part of gst-bad-plugins you need to add the videoparsersbad module in Makefile.

Reference link:

--- package/multimedia/gst1-plugins-bad/Makefile
+++ package/multimedia/gst1-plugins-bad/Makefile
@@ -250,10 +250,35 @@
 	-Dgobject-cast-checks=disabled \
 	-Dglib-asserts=disabled \
 	-Dglib-checks=disabled \
+	$(call GST_COND_SELECT,videoparsersbad)

 # 1: short name
@@ -293,6 +318,7 @@
 $(eval $(call GstBuildLibrary,photography,photography,,))
 $(eval $(call GstBuildLibrary,basecamerabinsrc,basecamerabinsrc,app,))
 $(eval $(call GstBuildLibrary,uridownloader,uridownloader,,))
+$(eval $(call GstBuildLibrary,codecparsers,codecparsers,,))
 # 1: short name
 # 2: description
@@ -401,6 +427,8 @@
 $(eval $(call GstBuildPlugin,webp,webp support,,,+libwebp))
 $(eval $(call GstBuildPlugin,y4mdec,y4mdec support,,,))
 $(eval $(call GstBuildPlugin,yadif,yadif support,,,))
+$(eval $(call GstBuildPlugin,videoparsersbad,videoparsersbad support,codecparsers,,))
 $(eval $(call BuildPackage,gstreamer1-plugins-bad))
 $(eval $(call BuildPackage,gst1-plugins-bad))

Hope this helps.