How to enable Divert sockets on OpenWrt?

Hi, I have been intercepting incoming traffic and filtering http/https packets using FreeBSD's DIVERT sockets. I can proccess and reinjecting packets back it again with help of divert sockets . I see Divert sockets is not available on the OpenWrt correct me if i am wrong.
So i wanna do that filtering using diverts sockets on OpenWrt how can i enable divert sockets on OpenWrtthanks for any help.

Here is example --div-port option which is OpenWrt's iptables not support:

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --source-port 80 -j DIVERT --div-port 3333

With the warning that I haven't been following OpenWrt development closely for a few years, it appears that current builds from master are using nftables (iptables was, I believe, finally deprecated upstream).

sudo nft list ruleset

Coming from FreeBSD and ipfw, nftables is a lot more friendly for me to work with.

What are you trying to achieve?

thanks i researched ntftables but it also not support divert sockets.

I mentioned above i wanna filter web traffic using divert sockets. So i can intercept web traffic and reinject back it again. unlike DNAT i cannot do this scenerio using DNAT. I can bring up transparent proxy using DNAT.