How to duplicate hotspot assigned bandwidth using same antenna and wifi ssid

Hi all,

This is my first time posting here, and I do it because I've no idea if what I want to do is feasable or not.
So here I go: a couple of days ago I installed openwrt in a nanobeam 5ac 16 antenna in order to connect to a free hotspot that is about 800 mts away from me, it took my a few hours to understand how to do it, but at the end I was able to make it work. The free wifi hotspot is capable of giving about 500Mbps up/down, but they limit it to 15Mbps simmetrical for each connected client. So, my question is, the link made by the antenna to the hotspot is giving minimum 39Mbps both sides, is there a way I can connect twice to the hotspot and making my connection the double of the speed I have right now?

Thanks in advance!

Aside from the moral and legal implications, no. I'm not aware of any radio hardware that would support two concurrent STA interfaces at the same time. Given the wireless specific fluctuations in link quality and the implications imposed by loadbalancing, you probably wouldn't want to do this either. At some point, with your quality of service expectations, you'll have to provide your own buck and get a direct internet connection yourself.


Thanks for the prompt response slh, the thing is that there are no ISPs available right now to install ftth, that was my main goal at the beginning due coronavirus. I do have an old ADSL in place, but it's a third of the speed I get in this hotspot for downloading, and the 15th part of the upload speed. It's not illegal since it's public, the only moral downside would be trying to get the double of the speed of a very low used hotspot (it's a small community and almost everyone in my country is in their houses all the time).

The other thing I want to resolve is that I haven't been able to avoid the manual authentication of a captive portal that I've to do every 2 hours.

I tried the script within travelmate, but it seems I'm missing something.