How to download complete snapshot for 2 architectures

I would like to compare x86_64 (efi) and NanoPi R2S with the same software base.
So I want to download all packages (snapshot) for the 2 architectures from the same day with wget.
I dont need packages for another architecture.

But how to do that?


wget -N -r
wget -N -r

Though, it's probably better to use rsync:

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I have startet wget as described. But it seems to be a bad way, with a small DSL line.
I got tons of folders and index files, for releases, snapshots for every target. All things I don't want.
And of course I'm interested only in an actual kernel. But wget ist still downloading all kmods. Starting with kmod-4.19.*.

Maybe this way is usable if you want to mirror all. But not for a subset.

Then you'd better use rsync and download only what you really need.

ich habe jetzt ein paar rsync's gemacht.
Hoffentlich habe ich alles erwischt, was man benötigt ...

rsync -avx --exclude kmods rsync:// snapshots/targets/x86/64/

rsync -avx rsync:// snapshots/targets/x86/64/kmods/5.4.66-1-e603d4dc31dbef7fd2d83e7569e8122e/

rsync -avx rsync:// snapshots/packages/x86_64/

rsync -avx rsync:// snapshots/targets/rockchip/armv8/kmods/5.4.66-1-7beae5e0a686ecab2e980b5ac713d6cc/

rsync -avx rsync:// snapshots/packages/aarch64_generic


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