How to do not use emmc for configuration files?

I need firmware that do not save any configuration on emmc. Any time device is boot up I want it loaded with default configuration. How to do it?

P.S. I use Banana Pi R2.
P.P.S. I try to have a device that load their own configuration from external Internet Server using credentials saved in firmware defaults. So any configuration that made for a while running device MUST be cleared after reboot it.

use an initramfs for kernel < embed startup config get logic in rc.local or similar ... it is wise to provide a fallback put mode... or periodic re-init everything on get fail... etc. etc. etc. this option allows for wide scale flick of a switch deployment.

another option would be to mount a tmpfs / ramdisk as overlay... probably a better way to go... especially if the device has the resources... more fallback flexibility and less installation modding.... ( for a handful of devices anyway )

Yes! Mounting a tmpfs as overlay is a good solution I guess. But which of configuration files I have to modify to accomplish this?