How to divide bandwidth to multiple interfaces

Hi guys. I have a 250/50 Mbps internet line and I set up 10 interfaces represent 10 rooms. I want each room only have maximum 25/50 Mbps but I don't know how to. Is there any package can do it and/or how to ?

You can use sqm on each of the 10 individual interfaces but use something lower than 25/ otherwise you might still overload your wan interface

why? when i understood sqm right and how it works on my connection, per host fairness is exactly what he is looking for? no need for mutliple interfaces.

Just for business not for host fairness. I have 10 rooms for rent and I provide them internet with speed base on their monthly fee.

my why was more regarding the multiple interfaces :slight_smile:

Because I have 15 port and 10 of them go to 10 rooms :smiley: