How to disable rebind_protection on Technicolor DGA2232 (version 18.3)

Hi, I am having trouble with this router when I am connected to a private VPN (home network - no support from the ISP regarding this topic) and trying to access a site in this VPN it shows me a log msg like this:
daemon.warn dnsmasq[4490] possible DNS-rebind attack detected

how can I disable the option rebind_protection and set it to "0" on the router?

Not supported, where did you get the owrt firmware?

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this is a router with default configurations that came from the ISP

This is a openwrt forum, where does it fit into your/the picture?

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I read about it here:

and from there got into this forum here

So if they would have mentioned Volvo,
you would have posted at a volvo forum too?

If you don't have openwrt installed, then the option doesn't exist for you.

are you talking about "openwrt" installed on the router?
or on my laptop?

Sorry but I am kinda new here and some more info will help me to understand if you are right about that last comment of yours and I'll repost this in a different forum.

If you don't know what openwrt is, then you're not using it.

TLDR; its an alternative router firmware.


so that router/modem is not supported to install OpenWrt.
would you know or could point to a different location on how to solve this issue I am having?
*if you don't know, thanks anyway for the help.

have a good day:)

Don't know what exactly you're trying to solve, but you won't be doing it on your technicolor, since it most probably have a locked down FW.

If possible, bridge the router, and put another, better and more capable, behind it.

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Since you have a technicolor router, I would first start with their support page.

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