How to disable dhcp tplink tl-wr841n

i want a firmware tp link tl-wr841n alway diable dhcp.
even when pressing the reset button resets to default

Are you using, or planing to use, OpenWrt? Do you need to disable the DHCP client on WAN, or the DHCP server on LAN?

i used open wrt. my network of cctv system some time have an trouble

I researched and found out that the cause was 841 turning on dhcp by itself (even though i turned off dhcp about 1 month ago). and cause network problems

if you disable dhcp, then you will connect the main Router and all devices on lan ports. and do not use the wan port, unless you know how to convert the wan port into a 5th lan port (by removing the from the iface option at wan and adding it to the iface option at lan, or modifying the internal switch configuration.
please tell us HOW you did for disable dhcp, depending the case that could generate issues, and have you also disabled ipv6 and firewall right ?
you also need to modify the default lan IP for that router, because by default will be and if it is the same on your main router that will generate issues too even with dhcp disabled.

if this configuration are causing problems please give us details on which problems are you having in order to try to help you with that.

Just follow the "dumb AP" guide:

I turn off dhcp in web interface. I not used wan port. The ruoter tplink 841 usually reset to default by my self. I think the hardware has problem because routet working a long time and never turn off. So tp link 841 give devices ip at and not have internet. I need the firmware default turn off dhcp when reset

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So, looks like the issue is your router is not saving changes to the config. There are several threads around here about similar issues, but most likely your device does not have enough memory for a current release.

I change ip lan of tplink 841 to then diable dhcp. Some time( about 1 to 2 month) it automatic resert to defaul. So i need a simple firmWare alway diable dhcp and default ip is

the only way to change firmware default is to build an image with imagebuilder (from packages) or build system (from source) and include the current /etc/config/network and /etc/config/dhcp files in the build using the "FILES=".
see this article in wiki for image builder

But if your router is resetting it probably has hardware problems and it is better to replace it.

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Thankyou so much

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