How to disable an interface with a comand

Hello everyone, I have 2 interfaces in my NSM2 and I would like to disable one (in this case radio0.network2) what command should I write in the SSH console?
I was trying uci
uci set radio0: network2.disabled = 1
but it did not work

# Disable WiFi-device
uci set wireless.radio0.disabled="1"

# Disable WiFi-interface
uci set wireless.default_radio0.disabled="1"

# Disable network interface
uci set network.wan6.disabled="1"

# Apply changes
wifi reload
service network reload

# Save changes
uci commit wireless
uci commit network

Isn't it necessary to commit the changes before you reload the service?

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No need.
UCI applies the changes to the runtime configuration.
And you can revert it if you don't want to save it.


Sorry for answering so late, I did not have time to review, I write because I have done some tests with your indications but I can not solve my problem:

uci set wireless.X.disabled = "1" - it works but if I put "0" it does not enable it.

And in my case I would like to disable / enable the wifi of my repeater, thanks in advance.
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yes, you're right with "wifi reload" is enough

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Hi, in the case of the cited example, what command would be used to enable or disable the second or third connection? when executing "uci set wireless .." disables all

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