How to desolder wifi toggle button in TP-Link W8970 Ver 1.2?

i try desolder this wifi toggle button not succe ( not melted solder )
try used flux ( not succe )
try add new solder into old solder ( not succe )
the TP-Link used Specific solder ? hard to melted ?
i used this japan goot 60 watt ( original ) !

Big heat conducting surfaces in combination with leadfree solder can be a PITA with "normal" soldering irons. I achieved good and fast results with a hot air gun for reflow soldering.

Take care

  • not to overheat (temperature must be adjustable, no cheap 2-step hot air gun for $14,99)
  • not to melt everything in 5cm radius (instead of only the desired part), and
  • not to blow away any parts by too heavy airflow (airflow must be adjustable).

Solder is lead free. You can try mix lead solder with lead free solder to lower soldering temperature.

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I preheat the board with a hot air gun but not to the melting point, then use a soldering iron. This is still something that requires considerable skill, especially since I do have the $14.99 air gun.

Take good pictures of the board first in case you do blow parts away you will know where to put them back.

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The solder should melt within seconds of applying heat with a good soldering iron. While that soldering iron may be sufficient for "big" components, it may not be appropriate for PCB work.

You will likely need either or both "soldering braid" or a solder-sucker to remove the solder from each pin of the switch as you go.

Hot-air rework tools are the preferred way to deal with current boards and their components. The least expensive one I can recommend is the Quick 957DW+


i used Original goot SOLDAPULLT but SOLDAPULLT need melt solder the solder not melt !
the SOLDAPULLT if stronger and some track circuit not good ( some time damage track ! )
this is best
and me not First time used soldering iron i used it from ( 15 years Ago )
-Receiver PCB
This is something strange first time moment