How to delete account?

Same thing here, please delete my account and personal data

See the post post removed by staff above

At 76 years old, I can't stand fools at all, that's why i ask this:

Please delete my account and personal data.

Veuillez supprimer mon compte et mes données personnelles.-

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Sorry but the second post exist on the advice of the friend ileeachii as he did not see how to do this one simply advised me to make a request in the forum of the developers

I am very angry

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I surely know I didn't tell him to make an identical thread...I already informed him that he had he makes a third???

Wow. He wanted to know how to take some script from Tomato and add it to OpenWrt...I mainly told him to ask developers because I couldn't understand why he was showing me something from Tomato but talking about OpenWrt (the threads were always talking about Tomato and what worked in Tomato) - was quite confusing...also paraphrasing error messages instead of direct quoting, etc. (I learned now because the original errors were likely in French on a Windows machine - and was an attempt to translate).

All I understood regarding a developer's thread - was that he had a preference for the drive naming scheme.


Please delete my account.



Please delete my account.