How to delegate IPv6 prefix to client, IPv6 assignment length


from my provider I get a /48 IPv6 prefix delegated. While I can statically assign a client an IPv6 suffix within the given subnet (via Static Leases), can I somehow also push a complete prefix to a client and if so, how?

My IPv6 settings for that interface are:

  • Router Advertisement-Service: server mode
  • DHCPv6-Service: server mode
  • NDP-Proxy: disabled
  • DHCPv6-Mode: stateful + stateless

And why does my network for that interface get a /64 (sub-)prefix despite the IPv6 assignment length being 60?

Thank you very much in advance!

Your settings are correct. The client needs to ask for a prefix, usually from its dhcp6c.

The rest is reserved for delegation.


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