How to delay fail-back when using MWAN3?

My main internet connection is unreliable, so I currently using a failover to a LTE connection through a USB dongle using mwan3 on my router.

So, if I completely lose my main connection, it will failover to the LTE connection, and return (fail-back) to the main connection when it gets back.

But when I have problems with my main internet connection, I don't lose it completely, it gets unstable, but still works (barely). In this case, it will failover to the LTE connection, but returns to the main (unstable) connection a few moments later - which is something that I want to avoid - since this instability could last a few hours.

In the end, I would like to configure mwan3 to failover to LTE connection and NOT return (fail-back) to the main connection for one or two hours because I know it takes an hour or more for my main connection to get stable again.

I already tried to tweak a few settings on the MWAN3 interface configuration of my main WAN connection, increasing the failure interval and recovery interval to one hour. But after a failure, once it switches to the LTE connection, it will return to my main WAN soon after - something that I want to avoid.

I want to stay on the LTE connection for at least an hour to give enough time to my main WAN to get stable again.

Any suggestions?


Try setting up on wan to a higher number. This will require more successful pings before the wan interface is considered up again.

You could also explore the check_quality option to require pings to be below some maximum latency before the link is considered up.

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