How to declare virtual radio devices?

I recently got some advice from the author of the ath10k-ct driver, Ben Greear, that "if you want wave-1 ath10k to mesh, my advice is to use 7 virtual station vdevs and one AP on each radio. ath10k-ct
firmware and software will support this nicely. Have those 7 stations connect to peers' AP vdevs. "

Since I got this advice, I have been looking for documentation regarding how to declare virtual radio devices in such a way that the same device supports multiple virtual devices with different modes (STA and AP), but I haven't found any. My guesses don't seem to work, either. What's the secret recipe?

Have you tired hitting "Add" in the Network > Wireless menu of the web GUI?

Yep, works pretty well on ath cards.

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Thanks for the tip.

So the secret recipe is that

"config wifi-iface"

stanzas are, in fact, virtual wireless device declarations?! Somehow I missed that in the docs, nor could I find any /etc/config/wireless examples containing multiple "config wifi-iface" stanzas. Which of course doesn't mean they aren't there; I just didn't find any.

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