How to custom configuration after pressing reset button on Raspberry Pi4 and NanoPi R4S

Hi Everyone,

I have a Raspberry Pi CM4 with dfrobot mini routerboard and an Nanopi R4S.

Now the question isn't specifically related to the hardware.

Q- Both of them have a reset button. Initially when I downloaded the firmware, I had to make some custom changes in order for it to work in the way I want. Now, I know when I press the reset button it goes back to the factory setting meaning it would remove all of my configuration ?
If yes, what do I do to retain the configuration that works ? basically I do not want to start from step 0 rather I want to come back to be at step 2.

I am using the dfrobot image for raspberry pi and the friendlyelec image for nanopi r4s.

All of your help will be greatly appreciated.


The reset button only works on squashfs based images (read-only rootfs + overlay on top, resetting means formatting the overlay), it has no function on ext4/ f2fs based images (fully writable, any change is persistent, without a known good state to return to).

That is the intention, the firmware can't know what you consider to be a known good state.

Nothing, it doesn't (and can't) work that way.
The alternative would be to save a configuration tarball (configuration, not user-installed packages) and store its for save keeping. On SBC like targets like this, you can also keep a known good sdhc card in storage and use that, if push come to shove.

Defaults can only be changed at build time, using the full buildroot or the image builder - probably more efforts than you want to spend right now, but the wiki has detailed instructions for either of these.

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This makes complete sense, perhaps keeping a cloned sd card is my best bet.

I totally overlooked the simple backup solution.

Thankyou soo much for your effort on helping me out with this. Truely apprecite it.

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