How to create WEP network using hostapd

Can anyone tell me what to write in hostapd firl for creating wep network?
I generally use hostapd file for wpa-psk, open, and wpa-enterprise. But for wep i am not able to get what to write in hostapd file.

What i write in hostapd file for wpa-psk is:


Please suggest me something similar for WEP.

WEP is deprecated and has already been disabled in the default hostapd in OpenWrt master.

WEP should not be used any more.

Ps. why are you bypassing the OpenWrt uci config and trying to do the hostapd config directly?

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Is there any other way to create wep in openwrt without uci such as by using iwpriv?
PS: I am not using uci because I does not want to save network configurations . I just want to do evrything runtime.

I suggest that you create a WEP network using LuCI / uci, and then copy the created native hostapd config file for your own use. (But note that it does not work with the current master snapshots any more. You need to be on 19.07 or older.)

I am using openwrt chaos calmer. And I have already tried that thing which you are saying but it does not work properly. I have issues in connection to network in that case. Is there any other solution?

Which device are you using?

Its not a famous device.

Chaos Calmer 15.05 is pretty totally deprecated. Since the release in 2015, there have been 17.01 and 18.06 and 19.07 releases.

Using Chaos Calmer for anything is quite as deprecated as WEP itself.

Ps. Nobody remembers its peculiarities any more, so I doubt if you will get any CC specific help.

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