How to create different config for different profile?

Hi All,

On our device, we save all essential settings into /etc/config.
At openwrt build system, we have default settings at base-files/etc/config.

Now, we would like to use same subtarget(HW board) to try different profile(model).
And we would like to have different default config for different profile?
Is it possible? If yes, how? Please help. Thanks.

Two options:

Locally, you will need to just copy your target directory and create another device (you will have to change the Define/ to a different name)

Edit the device Makefile and make a subtarget for each of your devices. this will give you base-files for each device to have as you wish.

The first option is easier because you only need to find/replace the known devicename with whatever you call the second device.

The second option is cleaner because you then manage your multiple builds from a single target build, but it requires more knowledge of the build system.


Hi Grommish,

Thanks. And could you please show me how to get second option done on my sub target folder?
Or do you know which folder I can check first under target/linux/xxxx? Thanks.

Check out the target/linux/x86 and target/linux/mvebu directories.. They use subtargets.

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./scripts/env help


Hi Grommish and anomeome,

Thanks. I will check it later.

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