How to create a wireless bridge with Luci

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I was reading about using one SSID for both your 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. I have setup the same SSID and passwords for both networks. I read in another post that when doing this you should create a wireless bridge. That way the devices can transition to each network easily. Can teach me how to do this in Luci? I have only found the command line procedure.


By default, both radios are bridged to the lan (ethernet) network, as such both radios are bridged to each other as well

well, from a technical point of view eth%d.1, wlan0 and wlan1 are all equal bridge members of br-lan.


@slh is correct you should not need to do this. You can verify that your 2.4 (aka wlan1) and 5 GHz (aka wlan0) bands are bridged (probably with your lan ethernet ports) by viewing one of your existing "interfaces" (see below and look for "physical settings")

However to answer your question, from luci under the network menu choose "Interfaces" and then click the "Add New Interface" button (or choose "edit" for an existing interface here to see how they have been configured). From there you can give your interface a name, check the "Bridge Interfaces" checkbox and then choose the interfaces you want to bridge - in your case likely "wlan0", "wlan1", and the appropriate eth interface depending on your setup. I'm running a snapshot image so luci may be a bit different than I describe depending on what your are running.

That should get you started...


EDIT FWIW I initially tried using the same SSID, but eventually ended up giving them different names but using the same password. At the time (and I think its still the case), "band steering" is not implemented in openwrt. Even with different SSID's, my clients seem to switch between bands as needed.

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So far everything seams to be working correctly for me. I am using Kong openwrt on a r7500v2. Testing with an old cell phone with only 2.4ghz wireless and a dual band tablet. The cell phone has a link speed of 72mbps which indicates 2.4Ghz. The tablet has a link speed of 300mbps which indicates 5ghz. Have not gotten to test what happens when I move farther away from the router with the tablet. I will update tomorrow on that. However, everything so far looks good. Thanks for your response fellas.