How to create a specific luci config format

hi there I being trying to create this format with /etc/config/luci_statistics

 <Subscribe "some_name">
    Host "localhost"
 Port "1883"
  User "mqttuser"
  Password "password"  
 ClientId "collectd-hostname"
   QoS 0
   CleanSession false
 Topic "subscribetopic"

the middle part i can create via luci but i can not create " <Subscribe "some_name">" or " " as soon as i insert it as an option the luci collectd will fail to reproduce and it will produce the blank collectd.conf.. is there a formatting that would allow it to be inserted ???..
but I think perhaps i have to modify your code even more i think perhaps i have to modify /usr/bin/stat-genconfig to allow this ..

it slowly getting there i got it to produce a luci setup page