How to create a route to indian ip

Hi, is blocked from outside india but it works and even pings with indian ips.
Whats the best way to route traffic to this ip from non indian ip . I am currently using wireguard but i want to know if there is a better way to do this. Its a Sip provider in india which uses another server for outside access which i dont want to . So checking my options to use my account when roaming

Using a jumpserver with indian IP seems to be the only way around.
Wireguard is what I would choose as tunnel.


anyway to make it faster using wireguard. I dont want the encryption and how to i run it on pc just for a particular app. I dont want everything to slow down just for accessing the tunnel..

You can buy a VPS and set up a tunnel, encrypted or not is up to you.


how do i turn off encryption of wireguard to speed up?

You cannot turn off encryption in wireguard. Take a look at IPIP or GRE tunnels for unecrypted tunnels.


OpenVPN with cipher none should work as well.

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Is there any way in which i can route say SIP packets to a particular gateway without using any vpn?

You could route traffic from a specific device/IP on your LAN to certain IP.

There isn't a filter on the destination of the packets, there is a filter on the origin. You do not want to "route" those packets, you need to "tunnel" them, so they enter India and then resurface from a host inside, as if they had originated within India.