How to create a local network from a client( wi-fi)?

I have a archer c7 wihch has dual band. I use the 5ghz as client (connect to main router) and the 2.4 ghz as AP. My main router is set to192.168.1.1 and the archer c7 to
For some reasons, even tough I'm connected to the archer c7(192.168.2.), I'm able to see the chromecast which is connected to the main router by wifi(192.168.1.).

Is there anyone knows how to solve this problem? thanks.

that's normal, if you are connected to openwrt router every devices is in lan. main router clients and openwrt clients.
it's the other way that will not work. if you connect the pc or the smartphone to the wifi or ethernet of the main router, you are not able to see the devices connected to openwrt router because openwtr device is connected lan/wwan, and every wwan with different subnet from the main router is bridged on wan.
you already created a lan network.
in other words for main router openwrt is on lan. for openwrt main router is on wan

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Everything on the WAN side of the router is part of the Internet, including stuff on the upstream router's LAN.

In other words if you know a 192.168.1.X IP you can make an outgoing connection to that device from the 192.168.2.X network just like you would any other place on the Internet.

If that is not what you want you can add firewall rules to the 192.168.2 router to block such traffic. This is a good idea when you are locally routing a guest network and then backhauling the guests to the Internet through a "trusted" LAN.

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