How to correlate snapshot version to a commit?

When I install a snapshot, it reports its version, e.g., I installed OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r17099-0fac6f5562 within the last couple/few days.

Is there a way to correlate this to a specific commit in the openwrt git here?:;a=shortlog

I see the bit of hex after the "r17099" above, but when I look at the commit descriptions, which also appear to have unique hex identifiers, I can't find a match up.

I get pretty close eyeballing the date time stamps - just wondering if there was a better way to establish a definitive correlation.

That bit of hex is a commit hash, just like you suspect.;a=commit;h=0fac6f5562
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Outstanding! I can finally stop doing timezone math! There all along too-my eyes just missed it scanning through the first time. Thank you for the pointer and tutorial.

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