How to correctly install or upgrade from LEDE 17.01 reboot to latest OpenWrt 18?

Hello have budget device TP-Link TL-WR843N/ND v1 in there installed LEDE Reboot 17.01.1 r3316-7eb58cf109 / LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-17.100.70571-29fabe2) is there any small chance that this router can handle with last stable openwrt version 18?and how to correctly upgrade or just install from 0? :slight_smile:

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So that one managed to get release with GUI despite being 4/32?

what is GUI despite despite 4/32? :slight_smile: Luci working on this budget device .

Some devices with 4MB Flash and 32MB Ram can not upgrade to 18.x, your lucky that TP-Link TL-WR843N is able to upgrade and still work.

More info here :


Visual is different from 17.x on latest stable 18.x or its same Luci as graphic interface?

Yes, I would define the GUI in LuCI between versions 17 and 18 as having a "slight difference." The main visual differences I observed instantly:

  • revised Overview page
  • new button color scheme
  • a 30-second fail-safe revert on applying settings that commonly cause a loss of connection to the web GUI (i.e. Interfaces, Firewall, Wireless, etc.)
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may i get screens? :slight_smile: how looks in there 18version?

Some screenshots here