How to control the GL-E750 OLED


Can someone point me to the documentation and/or opensource project on controlling the OLED on the GL-E750?

@alzhao announced that this is possible:

The OLED is connected to a MCU. The MCU firmware and its controller app in OpenWrt are opensource. So if you want to customize the OLED it is possible.

Thank you!

What do you want to do in more detail? Pls let me know. I will check what I can help.

I maintain a custom firmware and would like to use it on the GL-E750 because it has this OLED screen. So essentially I like to control the OLED to display what ever text I want.

@alzhao please let me know if you need more details on what I want to do with the OLED. I hope the explanation in my former post answered your question.

Have you seen this?

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Yes pls check the source code. Actually you can display whatever you want. Text only, not icons.

Icons need to modify the MCU firmware itself.

@alzhao will you be publishing the firmware for the MCU in the future? I'm glad you simplified it so that any 3rd party build can easily communicate with it and have the same result as the GL.inet official software, but I for one would love to add some extra data that is not just text.

Do not have a plan to release the mcu code. It is just c code and will be hard to modify by yourself. It will be pain to support. Actually we didn’t get a lot of interest for these code until now.

Well, you did advertise it as the MCU firmware being available as open source. And yes, I understand that, MCU programming is a PITA if you don't know where to start.

What about adding an option for completely custom screens, where the frame buffer (given it's a single colour OLED display, I'd guess a byte vector would work nicely, each byte representing 8 pixels in a row) can be passed directly to the MCU from the host OS, similar to how we can pass pure strings? That would allow completely custom screens to be added without requiring support from GL.inet side.

Hi @alzhao I would also be interested in seeing that the source for the MCU be released please

I think most people would be happy enough if the source was released with no expectations of any support :slight_smile:

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Most definitely! Plus, communities like OpenWrt often contribute back to OEM repos to enhance the stock experience not just for themselves, but for others too. Who knows, maybe someone would even clean up that messy code.