How to connetct to Private Internet Access VPN in LUCI

hello i am new to openwrt. i currently use DD-wrt.
i have upgraded my routers and i am learning how to use openwrt.
i have an account with Private Internet Access (pia).
can someone show me how to connect to pia using the GUI luci?


fwiw, check out the Alternative guide for OpenVPN client with LuCI at bottom of this wiki page

i am using luci to install Openvpn. when i go to software and update list i get this error
the opkg update command failed with code 7.

also i can reach in my browser, but in luci when i go to diagnostics i can ping

Please post details about your router and version of openwrt.

How is the openwrt router wired to the broadband connection?

If it is connected to another router, and the LAN IP address of the ISP router begins 192.168.1.x, you must change the LAN IP address of the openwrt router to use a different subnet (eg. 192.168.2.x) as described in the alternative PDF guide in above link.

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i have fixed my issue with downloading and installing packages. now my issue is
i use Private Internet Access (pia) as my VPN provider. i can not find any documentation on how to configure my router to connect to pia. i am using luci. can you tell me which Template i need to use for configuration. i have a lynksys 3200ACM router


i have found my VPN providers openvpn files not my problem is that i dont know where to enter my login credentials i tried to
here is hte link to the openvpn files

Have you studied the "Alternative guide for OpenVPN client with LuCI" section at the bottom of this wiki page for generic instructions/tutorial for connecting to most VPN providers?

fwiw, if you are using OpenWrt 19.07 and successfully installed the openvpn packages, you could probably start reading from page 13,Configuring the OpenVPN Client for OpenWrt 19, of the v1.2 PDF guide.