How to connect to the 802.1x authenticated University Network

Hello guys,

My university' Wi-Fi network only supports 802.1x authentication. It means that whenever I connect to the university's Wi-Fi and log in to my Windows 10 account, I need to take the procedure of 802.1x authentication. That's fine. However, something unexpected happens if I want to use the Remote Desktop (RDP) from my MacBook Pro to connect to this Windows 10 machine.

802.1x is related to the Windows account session status. If my Windows account is logged out, its Wi-Fi connection disconnects too, and then my RDP fails.

So I try to use an OpenWrt-in-the-middle to perform authentication, and all devices under this OpenWrt's LAN can access each other happily.

Unfortunately, I didn't find the method to deploy the authentication. To my knowledge, I have to accept the certificate from my university. It looked like Luci didn't provide this function.

Does anyone know how to make it?

All kinds of information are welcome.