How to connect to Ethernet and USB Solder Points on Dev Board

Hi all, I have a QCA4531-BL3A (system_type "Qualcomm Atheros QCA9533 ver 2 rev 0") datasheet(?). Originally, it's the daughterboard stuck onto the parent PCB of a cheap zigbee alarm system.

A complete teardown, HiRes Pics, and lots of info are available.

The device has a row of solder holes and their traces clearly visible with

  • 2 labeled "DP DM", which I think to have visually traced to the USB host pins on the CPU
  • 4 labeled "T+ T- R+ R-", which go to the Receive/Transmit pairs for port 4 of the SOC builtin switch. There is also a "V20", which I suspect to be 2.0 Volts for the PHY?

How do I connect to those?

  • For USB, do I just cut a cable, connect "Black<->Any?GND", and connect "White<->DP", and "Green<->DM", or the inverse? The board itself does not supply 5V. Do I need that, If i plan to connect to a powered Hub?
  • For Ethernet, I suspect, I need "more" than just a soldered-on cable, because of the presence of the "V20". Can somebody provide some insight please?

On a similar device with testpoints for Ethernet (zsun wifi cardreader), they write "Use a Magjack or similar connector with magnetics.", But I don't know, if the pinpads on this device is even electrically similar to mine.

It runs (an ancient) (Franken?)OpenWrt already, and i'll try to port a recent OpenWrt once I have ethernet access.

Did you ever find the answer to your ethernet question?
I have this same device (or one similar... Linkind Siren Hub) - and accidentally flash a firmware with a typo in the DTS file.
It now is stuck in a bootloop with a kernel panic.

Unfortunately the uboot that was compiled for this doesn't have any of the load commands, so can't easily push a fix to memory and flash it in uboot...

I noticed the ethernet pads as well and am hoping I can get them to work in uboot to tftp recover. Unfortunately if your information is correct, these are for port 4 and uboot only "sees" port 1 and 2.