How to Connect D-Link DRA 1360 Wifi Extender with D-Link DIR-2660 Openwrt

I'm trying to connect D-Link DRA 1360 v1 Wifi Extender with D-Link DIR-2660 Openwrt [21.02.1] flashed.
DRA 1360 setup could be done either wirelessly or wired.
Tried via Mobile App wirelessly to extend the existing Openwrt DIR-2660 Range, could not get connected
Wired not possible as physically its far and cannot lay the UTP cable between router and extender.

After flashing with openwrt now DRA 1360 cannot connect to DIR 2660 router.

I think DRA 1360 extender supports MESH Network.

Any assistance how to get connect non-openwrt extenders or any other hardware compatible and works with openwrt for range extension.

if you have put openwrt on the DRA 1360
it's now a router
what you seem to want is to turn it into a dump access point

Thanks @Lucky1 .
DRA 130 is still with D-Link firmware.
I flashed D-Link DIR-2660 to OpenWRT firmware.
I want to extend my wifi range by connecting DRA 130 to OpenWRT router.
DRA 130 wirelessly not connecting to OpenWRT router.
I checked OpenWRT HW list if DRA 130 is supported to flash OpenWRT firmware, unfortunately its not listed.
I'm trying to figure out if i can use DRA-130 with openwrt or i would need new HW extender that supports openwrt.
Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

ok i misread thort you had a cable connecting it
you can try and chage mode from "acess point" to "acess point WDS"
on openwrt

I cannot see WDS related setting in Wireless interface.
Is it not there or moved to other tabs in 21.02
Can you please identify.

Screenshot 2022-01-01 002109

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I found WDS setting thanks @anon89577378
I still cannot get it working.
While setting up DRA 130, same time i'm monitoring in wireless associated satiations, i cannot see any DRA MAC address.
It looks that DRA still cannot see OpenWRT router

Do you have the latest firmware V2.12 (from 2020-11-19) on DRA-1360? It seems previous versions only supported WPA2-TKIP. The international availability of D-Link firmwares can be confusing sometimes...
Try instead.

Besides, this device is identical to DAP-1620 revision B, however the current support efforts of DAP-1620 in OpenWrt seem to refer to rev. A only. Maybe this takes a little more patience until this device is supported :slightly_smiling_face: