How to configure with xconfig instead of menuconfig?

I looked at scripts/config/conf but don't see an xconfig target. Is there some way to make xconfig work?

Not to my knowledge. There is one question about xconfig in Openwrt forum in 2015, but otherwise you are the first one to ask about that.

Feel free to implement xconfig support.

There is an open PR to add xconfig support:

But to be honest, I don't see much benefit of adding xconfig support. I rather suspect it is a feature used by a handful of people but needs to be maintained by someone when added.

Yeah no one wants more stuff to maintain but it doesn't look like a lot and it looks like the PR was mostly "inspired" by the kernel setup for xconfig. So for maintenance it might be enough just to look at the kernel's xconfig setup for new changes.

I only recently started using it for building kernels and now prefer it over nconfig or menuconfig. It makes the task of customizing the kernel easier. It provides me with more info at a glance.

I notice that there's also a PR for nconfig. Both nconfig and xconfig are better than menuconfig and more user friendly. I would take xconfig over nconfig.

This is the kind of feature that doesn't add anything to the final build it is only to ease the creation of the .config file.

The find feature alone makes xconfig vastly better than menuconfig. When doing ctrl-f xconfig takes you to the location of the setting(s) you searched for where menuconfig just gives you a list that contains useful and useless info.

Denying this feature just because of extra maintenance is not a very good argument. LEDE is having to add new devices all the time so maintenance is a constant with LEDE.

xconfig has now been pushed to LEDE master;a=shortlog;h=23dd6db2ea6d783c16bf10b43c23478b7f26723d

(I tried compiling that a few days ago, but didn't quite figure out what xconfig Qt-related packages should be installed to Ubuntu 17.04 to enabling compiling that xconfig successfully.

Don't hesitate to document your findings regarding LEDE configuration via xconfig in the wiki! :wink:

Somewhere below the #image_configuration section would be suitable:

I installed qt5-default and pkg-config on the Ubuntu VM that is created by my guide ( and it works. Not convinced it's a lot easier than menuconfig in it's current state, though. qt5-default has a lot of dependencies so it may be possible to get away with fewer packages.

@hnyman, good news, I tried but maybe I didn't update my environment properly. I did a ./scripts/feeds update -a but maybe I need a git pull.

I will look at it more, later.

@Per Qt always has a lot of dependencies it is true. And I think you're right that xconfig would probably work with a minimal set of dependencies. But sometimes I just install all of Qt since it seems that some software written in Qt needs everything.

Updating feeds does not update the main LEDE sources.
You need git pull

Thanks for adding this. I did finally try it out and to me it makes it easier to setup the build environment. More of the config can be seeb at a glance.


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