How to configure Vxlan in OpenWrt? Can i use luci?

I found the latest version of openwrt18.06 support Vxlan! I also download vxlan2 and
Kmod-vxlan package. But no idea use it. Who can help me. Besides, whether Luci support configure vxlan?
Best regards!

almost certainly, luci will not support vxlan (or at least under vanilla/default image).

According to this commit support for vxlan has been added to the standard openwrt uci config framework; under /etc/config/network. Its all config file driven and managed from an ssh session, so will be a bit of a learning curve.

This intro wiki page should help you learn the basics of uci. Also just in case you were wondering, uci and luci are completely different animals, and only share similar names, nothing more.

Now a bit of bad news. This was where the trail went cold. The documentation hasn't had any changes (yet) for vxlan features/settings. This is it currently: .


Got it.Thanks!

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