How to configure the ethernet handhshake use openwrt

I have a QCA4531 based device. the QCA4531 support the ethernet switch function, now I want to configure the ethernet handshake using 2 of the ethernet port, can anyone help on how to configure this ?
thank you.
ethernet handshake

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What supported OpenWrt model?

Yes, so the documentation says.

  • Your picture does not clearly describe what you're seeking
  • Can you clarify what this means?
  • What about the handshake?
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thank you!
-- OpenWrt Model
[bxu] it's a customized product, but we are running openwrt on it.
-- ethernet handshake
[bxu] * the device itself can be configured using DHCP or static IP
* the first device can connect to a router using one of the ethernet interface, then use the second ethernet interface to connect to another device. in this way, devices can be connected like a chain
* all the device in the same network and can communicate with each other on IP network



  • What are you attempting to configure?
  • Have you asked the OEM of the firmware/hardware?

in my understandingļ¼Œthe main concept is to configure the 2 ethernet interface working as ethernet switch, however, the device itself shall still be able to get an IP address and communicate with other device in the same network.
we are thinking this feature should be able to achieved by some settings through openwrt, Eg: UCI system. But we don't know how.

You can bridge them together. This is not OpenWrt-specific.

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thank you very much!
yes, the simple bridge works. it is a solution.
for my understanding, any host with 2 individual ethernet interface(MAC/PHY) can be configured for this feature. However, we are not sure whether the ethernet switch function of 4531 can be used in this, if so, the performance might be better?

Depends on your definition of performance.

Assuming you have 1 Gbit ports, the combined bandwidth will obviously 2 Gbit, but the traffic
cannot cross/combine cables/ports, so any one single transmission will still be limited
to max 1Gbit.


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