How to configure OpenVPN client and routing to a dedicated SSID

Hello all,

I have Linksys WRT3200ACM router with OpenWRT installed on.
I want to configure a tunnel VPN client to CyberghostVPN server for a dedicated wireless network named "Wifi2"
I just want to my dedicated Wifi2 is routing outbound to the web in passing by Cyberghost VPN.
For my other LAN network, I want to pass the trafic through my default gateway.

I tried to configure after following some tutorial on the web, but no success :frowning_face:

I've proceed in the following way :

1 - I created the VPN configuration to Cyberghost servers
2 - I created the new interface for Cyberghost client configuration = "Tun1"

3 - I created the new interface for my dedicated SSID = "LAN2"
4 - I created the new SSID wireless network = "Wifi2"

5 - I created the firewall rule to redirect LAN2(Wifi2) trafic to Tun1

But when I start the Cyberghost VPN client, from Wifi2, I cannot ping neither my gateway nor anything on the web.

May be this is a routing issue ?

Someone can help me please ?
If needed, I can provide my configuration files.

Thanks in advance,

Perhaps need to look at VPN Policy based routing?

Thank you bill888, I gonna try this plugin. :slight_smile:

@bill888 Thank you it's works for my 2 LANs.
But I have a OpenVPN Server and it doesn't work when I active VPN Policy.
Have you got an idea ?

Sorry, I can't help. Only suggestion is read the link I provided earlier to see if there is a similar example.