How to configure one wifi interface to opportunistically connect to multiple SSIDs?

Let's say I have a travel router that I carry around with me to multiple locations. I use it's 802.11 radio in sta/client mode, and I want it to opportunistically connect to a pre-configured wifi network at one or more of these locations. How do I configure that? Is this even supported by OpenWRT?

This sounds simple. Almost every wifi client out there (iPhone, Android, Windows, ...) supports configuring multiple wireless networks and then automatically connecting to them when they come into range, but netifd freaks out and breaks badly if multiple wifi-iface configs are associated with a single wifi-device.

I could write a script that scans for available networks and then just enables a config when a certain SSID appears to be available, but it seems dumb to need to do this. Am I missing something stupidly obvious?



I don't have luci installed on most of my devices, but I'll check that out anyway.

luci-app-travelmate only orchestrates travelmate, so while luci support is convenient, it's not required for the functionality.


Thanks slh! Travelmate looks perfect. If it's features list is to believed, this does everything I want to.