How to configure ISP Set-top box to be reachable from openwrt lan

is there a way to link the set-top box network to my openwrt lan network

My isp do not allow to configure the router in bridge mode, but we can use up to two pppoe session.
It's a VDSL2 connexion with triple play (i think vlan 10 for data, vlan 20 for voice & vlan 30 for video)

Actually i have to distinct network one from my ISP, and the second one from my openwrt router.
There are two ethernet cable connect to my isp router, the first one is used for pppoe session & isp router mgmt from my openwrt router.
The second ethernet cable is connect to my switch and send through vlan2 to my isp set-top box.
I receive this year a new set-top box with android tv, my wife would cast video from device connected to my openwrt network.
Could you help to achieve this ?

What i know about the set-top box. on the boot it send a vendor class when requesting DHCP to the isp router the isp router assign an ipv4 address on his lan range, and 9 ipv6 address.
I know that somewhere on the set top box boot , the setp op box receive the updated firmware if needed.
The video flux is multicast and coded.

here the map of my current network.

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I just use 1 extra interface (for each modem, I have 2 on load balancing), setting my router's IP addr as static. This seems to make the router (or its routing software) aware of modem's subnet and then any device on my LAN is able to reach the modem.

config interface 'modem_telef'
	option proto 'static'
	option ifname 'eth3'
	option ipaddr ''
	option netmask ''
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I already have a modem interface on my openwrt router, I can manage the isp router trough this interface.
But I want to cast from my smartphone to the iptv set top box connected to the isp router.

Finally i am able to cast from my laptop connected to openwrt lan to my isp set top box connected on the isp router lan.
The problem was the cast fonction of my smartphone is miracast and not chromecast.

it's really strange i did nothing, it's potentially a security, the same port of my pi r2s router is used for both wan pppoe and for the modem interface.

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